You Don't Have To Go It (Or Grow It) Alone.
Screw U is a hyper-supportive, business-building membership community for online entrepreneurs to meet you wherever you are with the training, tools, and guidance to propel your business forward...

...and actually feel sane, smart, and “oh my gosh I’m actually GOOD at this” in the process.
Here’s the deal: working for yourself is the best.
It’s liberating.
...And Lonely As Hell!
That last one is the thing people don’t really talk about when they’re raving about or thinking about quitting that 9-5.
Because the tough truth is: in between the wins and the “OMG I’m my own boss!” moments, running your own business is full of a thousand million (actual statistic) questions, worries and frustrations. You’re like, “Am I doing this right?” “What should I do next?” “Is that a good idea?” 

Not to mention feeling:
  • Time-strapped (especially if this is all happening on nights and weekends)
  •  Distracted by the wide array of advice and guidance on the internet
  •  Over-effing-whelmed
All the while your friends and family—well-meaning as they may be—are all, “What do you do again?” or worse: “What will you do if this fails?”
SO what you don’t need? Another disconnected, overwhelming approach that leaves you feeling isolated, unheard, and no closer to your goals than when you started.
What you do need? A fierce, empathetic, wildly-supportive, growth-inducing, tight-knit community; a family of online entrepreneurs who GET IT because they’ve been there (or are there) so they can walk alongside OR lead you through the sh*tstorm that entrepreneurship can be. ALL PLUS straightforward, tactical training to keep you focused, on-track, and moving towards your goals—regardless of where you are in your path.
Because you need both. And right now you probably have neither.
But that’s about to change because 
Screw U is open for enrollment.
Here’s the TL;DR of what members of Screw U get…
  • The combined expertise of two online entrepreneurs who’ve built a multi-6 figure business while traveling the globe. (Yes, that’s us, hi!)

  • A real, live, non-robot welcome call with a human—Team Screw will show you around the place, get to know what you and your business are all about, and introduce you to members who are at a similar stage of business as you. 

  • Admission into our monthly Office Hours featuring our resident “Screw Shrink”, Heather Gray—a licensed therapist for over 10 years. She hosts 60-minute live calls to help you work through a mindset hiccup, belief, or challenge you’re facing in your business or life. Mental clarity, ahoy!

  • Access to our wildly popular, 2x monthly live “Hot Seats” and Coaching Calls where we bring 3 members per call on for some two-on-one coaching. We’ll deep-dive into your project, challenge, or an idea you’re working through for your business.

  • Monthly access to our action-oriented “U Talks” where you’ll be guided through a new strategy each month to help you play a bigger game in your business and life! Because growth is sexy!
  •  Access to Virtual Co-working where you can connect in real time with members in any of our “rooms”. Think: productivity rooms, lecture rooms, and social rooms where you can pow wow with other entrepreneurs about whatever suits your fancy.
  •  Admittance to every single training course in our Momentum Marketing Roadmap which helps to meet you where you currently are in your business and gives you the training and strategies to propel your business forward...way forward.
  •  Access to our members-only private Facebook group—AKA an insanely close knit community of generous, like-minded entrepreneurs who love to give even more than they love to request help!
And all for one flat monthly fee…
(Hint: it’s less than the cost of a body massage)
Speaking of kinks, we’re still ironing out the kinks on our 
Screw U fight song but for now let’s go with: 
"Step-by-step guidance,
A customized system to win, 
No matter what stage of business you’re in."

(Hey we said it’s in the workshop stages, ok?)
The point is: what you get with Screw U is essentially 3 critical things every current and aspiring online entrepreneur needs:
A Tighter-Than-Your-Barista’s-Jeans
Community That You’ll Fall In Love With.
With over 800 members (and counting), Screw U is full of other awesome online entrepreneurs who are into collaboration, sharing insights, tough love, and being sounding boards for one another.
It’s like family. Without the triggering fights or a drunk uncle ruining dinner.
We are fiercely protective of the community here, so you’ll only be surrounded by business owners as devoted, ambitious and committed to one another as you are.
And since isolation kills results, you’ll be stunned at how much faster you’ll grow once you find a place where you belong (hint: it’s here!)
What does community look like around these parts?
  • Private Facebook Group —and not just a throwaway huddle, but an entrepreneurial lovefest where everyone is hell bent on helping each other.

  •  Virtual Coworking—our NEW way of giving you an intentional way for members to connect in real time and in deeper ways. Here’s what we’re cooking up: productivity rooms for power work sessions, lecture rooms where members can lead training sessions (don’t worry they’re pitch-free and actually helpful), PLUS social rooms for casual, conversational work sessions. Yeah, it’s as powerful as it sounds.

  •  In-Person Powwows. We’re talkin member-only events, member-led meetups and high-end live events (Screw Experiences coming in 2018!) all so you can leap off that laptop and engage with one another in person! We have dozens of success stories from Screw U members who have become best friends, started working together and even started dating, etc. THE LOVE IS REAL, GUYS.
Red-hot, personal advice for whatever stage of business you’re in.
It’s incredibly important to us inside Screw U that you have access to up-to-date guidance, personalized feedback, and inspiration for what to do next with your business. AKA our entire team is at your fingertips in tons of juicy, laser-focused, bonkers-inclusive ways, like:
  • x2 monthly live Coaching and Hot Seat calls where 3 members per call (that's 6 members per month!) will get targeted advice to help them move the needle forward in their business.

  •  A Screw Shrink. Yes, you heard that right. Heather Gray, licensed therapist and Screw U faculty member will lead Screw Shrink Sessions to help members work through all of the mindset junk that holds us back.
We’re also committed to pulling back the curtain and sharing behind-the-scenes in our own business and sharing the lessons we continue to learn (It’s the Screw U way!)
Customized Trainings with our Momentum Marketing Model.
No one wants to trudge through trainings that are either old news to them or too advanced for them. Our Momentum Marketing Model is designed to hit that sweet spot and help you focus ONLY on the most important tasks for YOU.

It’s like the Goldilocks of training—juuuust right.
Think of Momentum Marketing as the Google GPS of Screw U or the “YOU ARE HERE” marker on the Screw U map. After all, you have to know where you are before you can figure out how to get where you’re going! 
FIRST, it’ll help you identify which of the 5 business stages you’re in (The Grind, The Hustle, The Engine, The Traffic, or The Profit… We know, they ALL sound fun!). 
NEXT, you’ll be directed to the most important and relevant trainings and to-dos. You’ll know exactly what to focus on, what NOT to focus on, plus what you can expect to feel from stage to stage, and when it’s time to move on. 

We’ve witnessed this straightforward, simplified system help thousands of online entrepreneurs get down to business and grow their businesses.
Getting sh*t done without losing your sh*t.
Our goal is NEVER for you to become an overworked laptop gremlin; hunching in darkness for hours on end, avoiding your family and friends’ texts, consumed with “the hustle.” 
Instead we want you to be able to grow your business, audience, and income like a f*cking champ—with efficiency as your wingman.
This is exactly why we designed our Momentum Marketing Model—not just because those three Ms look so nice together, but because it quickly helps you define which stage of business you’re in, what tasks to focus on, and how to use the time you have to really build momentum. And yes, in as little as 1-2 hours per day you can make some serious strides forward once you’re working on the right thing.

(That sound you heard was everyone reading this collectively breathing a sigh of relief)
Join the 800+ entrepreneurs already raving about Screw U.
"Josh and Jill are on FIRE! They’ve built a die-hard community, are legit in what they teach and they’ve got the proof to back it up. I’m a Scroupie for life!"
- John Lee Dumas
Podcaster, Founder of
Okay, Let’s Talk Trainings
Here’s a taster menu of what you’ll get and learn:
Wondering if your current biz idea has legs? Know you want to start a business, but don't have an idea for one? Our Idea Inspiration course will help you brainstorm and validate your big idea(s)!
The name basically gives this one away, but this training is designed to help you create a solid foundation for your business and is a necessary step for all new entrepreneurs who still figuring their business out. Gotta build that ish on solid ground if you want it to handle those big heights!
This course is for anyone who needs a website but doesn't have the budget to hire it out. Great news: you don’t have to be a “techie” because we’ll walk you through creating your own beautiful website, step-by-step. Boom.
Steal all the strategies we've used to get Screw the Nine to Five out there in a BIG way. Pitch templates included. It’s big exposure time!
We love Facebook groups and know firsthand how absolutely powerful they can be for brands. Learn how to create an wildly-engaged Facebook group that supports your big business dreams.
Once you’ve got your products and services in place, it’s time to automate your sales with a funnel. We’ll show you the easiest way to do it so you can start making the benjamins on autopilot (Yep, while you sleep!)
This training covers advanced strategies for building tight-knit and wildly-profitable communities. We’re sharing 5 of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from growing our free group to over 45,000 members. Get in on that, why dontcha!
This one hour masterclass is hosted by copywriter extraordinaire, Jamie Jensen and will walk you through easy-to-implement strategies you can use straightaway to create a killer sales page for your offering that your audience can't help but take action on. Compel + convert, baby! 
This 5-part program is designed to help you START your business online once and for all by overcoming the 5 biggest obstacles: Saving money, Time Management, Attitude, Research and validating your idea, and Tech.
In this masterclass, Mel Abraham will lead you through the core fundamentals of creating an easy-to-understand framework for your business to help simplify what you teach and allow your students and customers to implement your strategies AND get results more easily!
Craving a noticeable injection of traffic and eyeballs to your site that will get your brand in front of the right people? Steal this easy-to-implement 90 day plan and let’s ramp up your online visibility!
There’s a LOT more where that comes from… but we don’t wanna overwhelm you!
Take a Gander at a Month at Screw U at a Glance, Why Dontcha:
You’re in! When you get accepted into Screw U, you’re immediately directed to a self-identification survey so you can know which stage of business you are in our Momentum Marketing Model (your north star to biz results). You’ll then be given a customized roadmap so you know EXACTLY what to work on now, and what’s coming up next. Adios, overwhelm!
Welcome call!
Get ready to meet Team Screw! When you join Screw U, you will be prompted to book a free Welcome Call with us so we can personally welcome you to the family, get to know more about your business, walk you through how to get the most out of Screw U with some tangible, immediate action steps to take PLUS some like-minded members to connect with.
Now you’re unleashed to explore Screw U and start taking part in our weekly live calls that breakdown a little somethin’ like this:
Week 1 — Screw Shrink Sessions
One hour, live, Q&A session with our resident “Screw Shrink” (and licensed therapist) Heather Gray. She’ll host sessions that will help members work through a particular mindset challenge, belief or hiccup they’re going through in their business or life. 

Because you can have all your ducks in a row but if your mind is stuck, ain’t none of those birds gonna fly. (Rough metaphor but you get it.) And if you miss the session, all calls are recorded and replay is posted inside Screw U.
Week 1 — Screw Shrink Sessions
Week 2—Hot Seats & Coaching 
3 members a week get to hop on the ‘hot seat’ group call for 20 minutes of 1-on-1 time (well, 2 on 1, technically) with them. We’ll deep-dive into whatever project, challenge, or idea they’re working on in their business. 
Week 3—U Talks
This is our week to let one of our “Scramily” members step into the spotlight and share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the community. 

These U Talks are action-oriented and focused around specific topics that will help you play a bigger game in your business and life. Plus, each U Talk is recorded and the replay is posted inside the members portal for you to watch and re-watch to your heart’s content!
Week 1 — Screw Shrink Sessions
Week 4—Hot Seats & Coaching V2
You know the shebang. This hot seat call happens twice per month meaning there are 6 hot seat slots per month up for grabs!

Read on...
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What are these elusive Screw U members like? Here’s a brief portrait:
Screw U Members are the most driven, dedicated, self-motivated, hard-working people we know. They’re active participants in the community and try and rock consistent, positive attitudes. 

They aren’t excuse makers and they don’t threaten to give up when shit gets hard, they are known for giving more than they take, giving constructive and smart AF feedback, and building businesses that mean something to them.
Are you like, wait that’s basically me in a nutshell?
Then we have three words for you: You belong here.
Three more: wanna meet some? 
Take a spin through their stories and ask them what they think about Screw U (yep many of them have their contact info included so you can straight up ask them what they think!)
"I retired my husband!"
Rachel joined us back in 2015 and set the community a'blaze when she landed her first 5-figure client within weeks of being in Screw U!

Oh, and in case that's not enough, she went on to land another 3 5-figure gigs straight after, making her one of the fastest members to fill up her roster of dream clients. 

And she ain't slowin' down anytime soon!
"It Is Insane How Much Value You Get Out of This One Membership Community. I'm Never Leaving!"
After trying over 10 different membership sites, Jessica was frustrated watching her business flatline. 

She joined Screw U at the beginning of 2016, plugged into the community and quickly started gaining traction and making more revenue. 

Fast-forward to today and she's gone from fluctuating between $1,000-$2,000 a month to consistently making over $10,000 every month AND bringing her husband into her business full-time. 

Want to hear more of her story? Click play!
“I’ve had several 5-figure months...and I feel like I’m finally in my groove!”
Back in early 2016 Shelsey felt scattered and like she was drowning in courses with no idea how to prioritize and implement it. 

She joined Screw U in September 2016 and immediately was given a roadmap she could use to get some direction and traction in her business. 

Fast-forward 4 months and she’s celebrating back-to-back 5-figure months and launched a group coaching program to rave reviews!

What was her business like before she joined and how did Screw U help her get organized and on track? 

Listen in and find out.
“It’s more than what you see on the sales page...They’re real people. They care about their people.”
Jason was looking to surround himself with other people who understood the entrepreneurial journey and the sacrifices we make while growing our businesses. 

He found his way into Screw U back in early 2016 and has inspired the community since day 1 building his half-million dollar stock stock trading training company while still working a full-time job. 

How did he do it? 

Click play to hear his story. 
“If you need a place to belong as an entrepreneur...where you want to belong, where you want to know you have a net underneath you to catch you...then Screw U is the next best step for you.”
Stephanie Clairmont joined Screw U back in the summer of 2016 with a dream of decluttering her “messy” business, cutting back on her one-on-one work and launching a tight-knit membership community. 

5 months later and she has over 120 members, more structure in her business and she’s building her recurring revenue. 

More than that though, she’s found her home. 

So what did her life look like before joining Screw U? 

Watch and listen in.
“I now have TEN clients...and I feel so taken care of inside Screw U!”
Though she had a packed-out business offline, Heather wanted to transition her services online and was looking for the guidance she needed to help her make that leap.

She joined Screw U mid-2016 and never looked back. 

Now her client roster is full of people she feels inspired by, her business is profitable and she’s impacting the lives of a whole slew of clients. 

How did Screw U help her out in that journey? 

Listen to her story.
“December was almost a 5-figure month!”
When Nick joined us back in 2015 his business was making $600 a month and he was looking for guidance and training to help him take it to the next level. 

And then life threw him a curveball. 

How did he bounce back and get his business to the cusp of 5-figure months a year later? 

Click and listen to Nick’s story.
"I'm doing things I never thought I would do!"
The minute Whitney joined Screw U she got down to work, implemented the strategies she learned and boosted her revenue by $500 straight away. 

Yeah. Seriously. 

This motivated hustlah now has a thriving business, is becoming the go-to gal for millennials looking to squash their debt and is on track to smashing her 5-figure a month goal!

Want to know how she even got started? 

Click play to listen to her story. 
“No doubt in my mind...without Screw U, I wouldn’t be where I am now!”
Renee was looking for a way to change her life and get out of the daily 9-to-5 grind...traffic included!

She joined us back in mid-2015 and has been motivating and inspiring the Screw U family since day 1. 

And in case that’s not enough, Renee now acts as the Momentum Moderator for The Grind inside Screw U and is the go-to gal for any member suffering with Wordpress issues. 

How did she get to that point though? And why does she have such a distaste for rush hour? 

Click play.
“There were times when I wasn’t sure I was going to keep going, but having that support...that more than anything has propelled me to where I am today.”
After being in this game for over 4 years, Yuliya knew she needed to double-down and go all in on her business if she truly wanted to make it a rip-roaring success. 

Less than a year later she quit her job and is now a rising star in the business coaching space!

So what did her journey look like and why did she almost give up? 

Hit play and find out.
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Wanna Take A Look Inside?
Sometimes you gotta see it to believe it, so let us show you around the joint!  Click the play button on the tablet and take a tour so you can see what the Screw U experience is really like!
Join the 800+ entrepreneurs already raving about Screw U.
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Meet the deans of Screw U
What’s up! We’re Jill & Josh Stanton. And we’re the chief Screw’ers around these parts.

Wait. That didn’t sound right. 
What we mean is we’re the duo (and happily married couple) behind Screw The Nine to Five, where we help ambitious entrepreneurs (like YOU) create the life of their dreams by building their own online business. 
Today, our life is a lot like a dream... 
We have a multi 6-figure business that we run while traveling all over the world (hello, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica and Canada)— and loved every moment of it. But this wasn’t always our reality. 
Before we were traveling the world, helping others bust free from their cubicles, we were working our butts off to nail our ideal business. Fun fact: our very first business together was a sweet, little skincare website which we started in 2012.
It wasn’t until our wedding week in 2012, while enjoying beautiful Costa Rica, that we realized: we could help others experience the same level of success and freedom that we had created for ourselves. And just like that: Screw The Nine To Five was born. Pretty adorable wedding night story, right?
With all of our excitement and commitment to Screw The Nine to Five, we dove right on in, head first...
To be honest, we didn’t really know where to start, or what to focus on first (if anything!). So we just worked like mad, trying it all, teaching everything we knew to aspiring entrepreneurs. 
Did this way of doing things get the job done? Yes. 
Was it a lot more crazy than it needed to be? Also: yes.
Before long, we were living in Thailand, and we became part of an awesome community of entrepreneurs called The DC. This community gave us the opportunity to be surrounded by some truly rad humans - people who really “got” what we were trying to do, and were also equally committed to personal and professional growth. 
 It was then that we realized how crucial it was to our success to have a supportive, understanding community to help us navigate our business growth.

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"We created Screw U because we wanted to create a TON of value at a price point that even someone who is totally new-to-business could easily afford."
And we get it. "Can I Afford It?" is a legitimate question. So let us help put it into perspective real quick. 

You can get everything you need to build a thriving-ass business plus access to this incredible community for less than the cost of:
  • Your cable bill (seriously)
  •  Your Starbucks habits (we know, it’s hard to break)
  •  A deep tissue massage (and not even the fancy spa kind!)
  •  A private Pilates or personal training session (just ONE)
  •  A nice dinner for two at your favorite restaurant (before cocktails…)
  •  The list goes on and on. 
You can choose to invest that money into the same old, same old, and get the same old, same old results…OR you can choose to invest that money into your business, happiness, future, freedom… and watch it come back in multiples month after month. 
Because if you don’t take action to change your life and business, your life and business won’t change. 
+ One time join fee of $179
  • All Current & Future Training Courses
  • x2 Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Screw Shrink Session
  • Welcome Call with Community Leader
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Virtual Co-working (NEW)
  • Priority Access to Screw LIVE Event
  • FREE Listing Inside the Screwconomy
annual (2 months free)
  • All Current & Future Training Courses
  • x2 Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Screw Shrink Session
  • Welcome Call with Community Leader
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Virtual Co-working (NEW)
  • Priority Access to Screw LIVE Event
  • FREE Listing Inside the Screwconomy
FREE Ticket To Screw Live Event
  • All Current & Future Training Courses
  • x2 Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Screw Shrink Session
  • Welcome Call with Community Leader
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Virtual Co-working (NEW)
  • Priority Access to Screw LIVE Event
  • FREE Listing Inside the Screwconomy
  • BONUS: One FREE Ticket to Screw LIVE 2018!
    (Valued at $699)
Why We Ask You To Apply
Long story short: we care more than you know about the community we have built inside Screw U. That's we've decided to personally vet people before they can join. 
Q: What do you look at when vetting new members?
A: Simply put, we look for those with the right attitude when it comes to doing the work necessary to get results and those who are willing to be apart of the community.
Q: What if I'm just getting started with my business?
A: That's fine! As we said above, we're looking for those who have the right "attitude" and not those who are at a certain stage of business.
Q: What if I'm a returning member?
A: In the application, just be sure to show us that you're serious about making things happen and you should be fine. 
For any other questions, use the live chat option at the bottom right hand corner of the page.
Screw U is like a one-stop-shop for business advice
IF one-stop-shops also offered custom tailoring. 
After all, what’s the point of having baller business advice and trainings if they’re not the right fit? 
That’s kinda like having a sexy black dress or super sharp tux that’s big in the waist and clings to all the wrong places… in other words: pointless.
And we’re here to help you live your purpose, find your people, and grow your business...not waste time on pointless busy work.

So, don’t just sit on the sidelines, admiring those who take action....become one of them. 
Your bottom line, confidence, and momentum won’t know what hit it.

Join the 800+ entrepreneurs already raving about Screw U.
"Jill and Josh Stanton have an uncanny ability to create a tight-knit, supportive community of "lifers" unlike anyone I've ever met! What's their secret? They care! They care like it's nobody's business! And when you find someone who is wicked smart AND cares, you listen to whatever they have to say! "
- James Wedmore
Business Coach, Founder of Business By Design
Screw The Nine To Five Marketing Incorporated. All right reserved.